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As Mrs. Pratibha Patil gets ready to make way for the new President, there is a buzz on who could possibly be the next Commander-in-Chief. While some newspapers flashed AK Anthony and P Susheelkumar Shinde as the possible next replacement, deep inside our heart we all know only one person as President. A.P.J. The initials itself could well be used for the next missile India develops, for he is aptly known as the Missile Man of India.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Humble yet bold, brilliant yet sober. Perhaps these are some of the few words which could describe Mr. Kalam. No wonder he was called the People’s President. Professor, author, scientist, aerospace engineer and above all a kind-hearted individual, APJ always lead by example and proved that the Rashtrapati Bhavan was not just a rubber stamp office. The returning of the OOP (Office of Profit) Bill was a fine example on what the President was capable of and showcased his authoritarian and demanding nature. What happened next is all history as our great nation has been a victim of self-centered politics and the President was no exception.

Coming to the Mrs. Patil. The whole of India rejoiced when she was chosen, as India had their first woman president. Just a note; India also had its first Woman Speaker back in 2009, when Meira Kumar was elected by the Lok Sabha. India had finally come over the gender bias…or so I thought. But over the years, Mrs. Patil honesty, character and dignity was questioned with the number of controversies that came along, be it her brother being accused of murder, or herself grabbing acres of land that belonged to the army jawans. There was also a flyer doing rounds in the social media which went something like this, “I know only 3 Presidents of India: Shankar Dayal Sharma, as I read about him in books; APJ Abdul Kalam, as he was nice and Pratibha Patil, as she is useless.” Not surprising, I say. Call it harsh, but that’s the sentiment.

So where do we land? Being the kind of democracy we are, the President’s office hardly matters. But deep within we all know our heart still beats for one, APJ Abdul Kalam.





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