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Like everybody I too have dreams, but the one that I had last night stumped me. There is perhaps no rationale behind these flashyDreams images that happen to be a complete disarray of thoughts. A dream, I believe, is somehow connected to us or perhaps our deepest self. Here is what happened.

I was at the CBD Belapur station wanting to cross over to the other side of the platform for reasons unknown. The next I see is me crossing the tracks hastily, mindful of the bloody reputation the tracks have. Just behind me is a girl aged 14 or 15, an American, who is completely disoriented and frightened also wanting to cross over. I help her cross the tracks and ask her where she wanted to go. Looking around for her kin she apprehensively says, “From the place I came.” A bit surprised I question her again, “Where did you come from?” She replies, “I don’t know. I was supposed to go somewhere with my parents.” Completely shocked by her answer I think she could have possibly be talking about Panvel as a lot of out-station trains leave from there. I remember seeing the board of Dahisar. Did I just cross over from CBD Belapur to Dahisar, a good 1.5 hours from here? Let’s go ahead.

So I am finally at Dahisar as I see no station complex as at the CBD Belapur station. I see the station completely crowded with people looking at me and the young girl suspiciously. In the background a train just arrives loaded with humanity. Wanting to help, I instruct her to board a train which will take her to Panvel in just 10 minutes. WTF? Dahisar to Panvel in just 10 minutes? So here is what I do. I take a pencil; wrap it up with a paper and ask the local canteen guy for a pen to write my cell number. This was going nowhere. I want the girl to call me as soon as she reaches there. Suddenly, a couple of eunuchs appear in front of me with a small placard which said DVD. They never spoke but intended to say something. Furious and frustrated I give the one with the placard a kick. Terrified they run away. Completely bizarre, isn’t it?

After having written my cell number I ask the girl to board the train which has just arrived. But a local train, as they are known to be, was overcrowded with people. Thinking about the hassles of travelling in an overcrowded Mumbai train, I board the train with the girl. And the timing is 9.15 AM. Good Morning!


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