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It was December 2003. As wannabe engineers we were made to attend a conference on electronics and nanotechnology – or so I guess. Needless to say we spent the whole time yawning, sleeping, making mindless cartoons and wondering what was happening. The conference was also attended by students who had come from other branches of our university elsewhere. After a tiring day everybody was ready to die on bed until a psychopath suggested something nasty. To play a prank on our guests!

My college was an unusual one, kind of an all-in-one superstructure. Frankly, it was a useless shopping complex turned into a local university. Geeeee! From the library to the classroom, from the labs to the washrooms and from the conference rooms to the hostel, all were loaded in one building. The basement was the library; the classrooms occupied the 1st and 2nd floor with the mezzanine floor for the administration and the professors. The girls were placed on the 3rd and the guys on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors. Finally, the management was stacked into the 7th. For the day the guests were accommodated on the fifth floor, a makeshift arrangement.

The plan was to scare the hell out of the visitors and give them a memory of a lifetime. Entry Balwinder Singh Bhandechha aka Ballu; our chudail

Da blood thirsty chudail

who was thirsty for some fresh blood. Honestly, it didn’t need a whole lot of make-up to make him look like one. We strapped him with a white bed sheet, let his hair down and made him hold a torch as he stared and blew his tongue at his victim. The sight still frightens me and many who played accomplice on that scary day. Protagonist done; it was now time to set the stage for the play.

Starters of the tube lights were removed, lifts were made dysfunctional by letting them remain open, wolves and chudail sounds tested, ghostly mist was to be produced using potassium permanganate and glycerine and volunteers were placed to keep a tab on a possible raid by watchmen and the warden.

All set, we moved towards the fifth floor towards our victims. Our first target was the Cochin team. It failed and failed miserably. Reason; those creepy mallus did not wake up. But that did not stop us from another attempt. Bangalore was our next stop. Things went as per plan. Everything worked as usual and they even opened the door. But that did not scare him. Disappointed, we decided to give it a final try. Cometh Hyderabad, cometh climax!

The Hyderabad operation was a difficult one. The room was situated in a narrow lane that ran 10 metres and had a width of approximately a meter. Running back from there meant covering a minimum of 5 to 10 meters. Common sense pleaded us to drop the plan. But for wannabe engineers, biotechnologists and designers, common sense was not at all common. We were soldiers. Failure was not in our dictionary. We were destined to win. Glory awaited us. In short, we were fools!

Ballu walked towards the door. Ali frantically blew the whole chemical and kicked the door thrice with full force. The air was thick and black. Ballu wanted to run back but then the door opened. The music of the wolves and the chudail made the background score. A short and stout man in his vest opened the door. We held our breath and watched from the corner. Ballu flashed the torch on his face, stared furiously and blew his tongue and made a screechy sound like a real chudail. Rage was written on his face. The man was stunned beyond imagination. He knew the bitch was after his blood. Shocked, he stood like a stone. It was picture perfect. Ballu slowly moved back and walked towards the stairs – and ran back to his room like a mad dog. So did we. It was a huge success.

As we basked in the glory, surprise awaited us the next day. Little did we know that the person who opened the door was not a student but in fact a professor from the Hyderabad campus. Most amusingly, we learnt he was scared. Blussshhhhhh!

A year later Ballu was back again to play chudail. Our target, our juniors. Ballu gave a flawless performance at the very first shot. The boy screamed and yelled. Guess what happened? Scared, ballu ran away…:P

Note: It’s been almost a decade after the incident. Please forgive me if I have missed or added something that does not relate. Mohsin Mukadam aka Moosa, Praveen Nair aka Ali, Harshal Joshi, Rahul Poonia, Asmit Hadke, Sumit Burukul, Binu Jacob, Tushar Saxena and some others were part of the conspiracy.


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