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Sitting in a coffee shop in Norway’s bustling city of Oslo, Asif was taken aback when his childhood friend Akram suddenly happened to meet him. Nostalgia sets in as Asif goes on a reverse journey back to the times when life did a flip-flop between good and bad, happiness and sadness.

A responsible son of a proud and kind father, Asif’s life in a humble village of Afghanistan was more than just ideal. A loving mother, caring father, playful siblings, a trustworthy friend along with the shade and the warmth of the mulberry tree made him a boy that anyone would be jealous of. Things looked good until the communists lead by People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) overturned the people friendly government after brutally executing the then President Sardar Mohammed Daoud Khan and his family members.

Life took a tumultuous and ugly turn as the Red Wrath wrecked havoc in the nation taking the people along its path. Asif would soon see his dear ones getting separated from him in the most painful manner. The death of his father and little sister had Asif stare at his future in horror. But Asif’s determination and his strong will to have a good future for his family and himself takes him to Pakistan and then to Norway where he tries to collect the pieces of his life and bring them back to life.

Author Hatef Mokhtar’s The Red Wrath: A Journey Between Two Destinies is a heart-wrenching story of courage, bravery and hope on one end and of brutality, death and darkness on the other. Chief Editor of The Oslo Times, Hatef is definitely a brilliant observer of the little things in life as his comprehensive narration makes the story come alive. A work of class, Hatef lays Afghanistan literally in front of you. Its culture, faith, people and the lovely landscape gives us a virtual glimpse of a land where love and respect are considered supreme. The book is a must for those who know little about Afghanistan and its people. It’s a story which inspires you to do the unthinkable when life is not so kind. Reading this work is an experience in itself. Certainly a Fiver!


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It is said that those who take to the gun often die by it. For Dawood, it seems an exception, at least till date. For those who were eager to know about the Big Daddy of the underworld, your wait is over. Hussain Zaidi’s Dongri to Dubai captures the rise of a small boy from the streets of Dongri to ever scaling heights of Dubai, the boy whom we all know as Dawood Ibrahim.

With nearly 2 decades of experience under his belt, Zaidi takes us through the infancy of the underworld to the time when it proved to be too big for the authorities crushing anything and everything in its path. Stories of Haji Mastan, Karim Lala and the Pathans are not only interesting but also insightful and Zaidi goes on to cover some minute details of incidents which proved to be turning points in the history of the Mumbai underworld.

Most importantly, the book covers the stratospheric rise of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. Once a boy of a humble cop, Dongri to Dubai, is a chronicle of how Dawood stormed his way through the ranks to become the uncrowned king of Mumbai. The book spans over six decades of the Mumbai Mafia in which Dawood rose from a petty smuggler to become the don of Mumbai and graduate with time to a global terrorist to create havoc in India and elsewhere. His character, thinking and functioning has been discussed in detail by Zaidi. With him come the chilling stories of the menacing Manya Surve, the ambitious Arun Gawli and Rama Naik, the terrorizing Pathans and the friend turned foe Chota Rajan. The book also sheds light on how the Intelligence Bureau, in 2005, was unsuccessful in its attempt to get Dawood killed by Chota Rajan men in 2005.

Dongri to Dubai is a well researched and written book and has the pace to keep you hooked.  There are some parts like Dawood’s connection with the ministers, his nexus with the cops that are omitted rather intentionally. All in all, Dongri to Dubai is a must read for those who wanted to know about the Don. So let the rumors rest. Get your copy today!

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Have you experienced adventure at home before? If no was your reply, Ronald Malfi will show you the way. In a rather uncanny manner, Ronald narrates the story of a sculptor Tim Overleigh whose journey in life is not as simple as any other artist. From his wife’s death and haunted by her vision to his unholy sojourn in the Himalayas, Ronald twists and turns the prose while making an impact that is hard to forget. Tim is almost on the verge of losing his mind when he meets an old friend who manages to convince him to a journey to the Canyon of Souls in the Himalayas.

One of the best parts of the narrative is use of explicit words and phrases where Ronald takes you through the story as if you are watching a movie without a single dull moment. Every page is crisply written and grabs the attention of any person who has even the slightest likeness for adventure.

Please read it….is all I can for this wonderful piece of artventure!

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ImageGripping, thrilling and fast-paced, Oswald Pereira’s The Newsroom Mafia is a piece of work that gets you in the driver’s seat right from the start. A veteran-journalist, Oscar gives an inside view of the unholy nexus between the police, the corporate sector, the underworld and the print media aptly known as the Fourth Estate. While many of us look up to the press and take their word as the final one, Oscar sheds light on how members of the media exploit it for their own good. What’s more interesting is the manner in which the author narrates the entire plot with every line egging you to read on further. There is hardly any dull moment in the book and Oscar also manages to throw in quite a number of surprises.

The plot surrounds an underworld Don, Narayan Swamy, who is challenged by a Supercop, the Commissioner of Mumbai, Donald Fernandez. While the commissioner is a sincere cop, his job demands a lot of dirty tactics to trap the invincible gangster. The Don, usually humble and sober, is a witty character with a world full of cash, political backup and some good brains from the media. While many stories are just of politicos and armed gangsters taking the center stage, here the media steals the show. The book gives very good insights on how the media can twist and turn any story to make it look good or bad in return for some money and power. What follows is a showdown of ultimate power, filthy thinking and wit which both the lawmakers and the law breakers use as their weapon to bring each other down.

Bollywood producers if you’re reading this, go for it. Has everything in it to be a potboiler. This book is a serious must-read for those eager to have some thrill.

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