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It is said that those who take to the gun often die by it. For Dawood, it seems an exception, at least till date. For those who were eager to know about the Big Daddy of the underworld, your wait is over. Hussain Zaidi’s Dongri to Dubai captures the rise of a small boy from the streets of Dongri to ever scaling heights of Dubai, the boy whom we all know as Dawood Ibrahim.

With nearly 2 decades of experience under his belt, Zaidi takes us through the infancy of the underworld to the time when it proved to be too big for the authorities crushing anything and everything in its path. Stories of Haji Mastan, Karim Lala and the Pathans are not only interesting but also insightful and Zaidi goes on to cover some minute details of incidents which proved to be turning points in the history of the Mumbai underworld.

Most importantly, the book covers the stratospheric rise of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. Once a boy of a humble cop, Dongri to Dubai, is a chronicle of how Dawood stormed his way through the ranks to become the uncrowned king of Mumbai. The book spans over six decades of the Mumbai Mafia in which Dawood rose from a petty smuggler to become the don of Mumbai and graduate with time to a global terrorist to create havoc in India and elsewhere. His character, thinking and functioning has been discussed in detail by Zaidi. With him come the chilling stories of the menacing Manya Surve, the ambitious Arun Gawli and Rama Naik, the terrorizing Pathans and the friend turned foe Chota Rajan. The book also sheds light on how the Intelligence Bureau, in 2005, was unsuccessful in its attempt to get Dawood killed by Chota Rajan men in 2005.

Dongri to Dubai is a well researched and written book and has the pace to keep you hooked.  There are some parts like Dawood’s connection with the ministers, his nexus with the cops that are omitted rather intentionally. All in all, Dongri to Dubai is a must read for those who wanted to know about the Don. So let the rumors rest. Get your copy today!


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