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Rahul Dravid, the ace Indian cricketer, today quit from all forms of International Cricket marking end to an era filled with splendor. I have always felt that I must capture all the monumental things in life so that tomorrow I do not regret not being a part of it. Writing about it has always been my best bet and this is something I could not afford to miss.

Though a prolific batsman of class, honestly I was not a big fan of Rahul until the 2003 Adelaide test when he hit the winning runs with a thump in the air. That, for me, was when I realized there was somebody beyond Sachin and Bradman. Unlike many batsmen who are known for their ability to score quick runs, Rahul was a slow starter. But what differentiated him from the others was his mental power to stand in the middle for long and dominate games. His cover drive, in particular, remains the best of all times for me. Like a war horse, Rahul frustrated many bowlers, tested many captains’ patience and broke many teams’ confidence with his sheer presence. You do feel sad for a bowler when he runs in with all his pace and bowls a delivery and Rahul just drops it dead. The Wall had just said Hello!

But there was more to Rahul than a cricketer. A true gentleman and a team player Rahul is known for his shy and courteous behavior. Many times I wonder whether he was just faking it, as I just could not apprehend how somebody of such stature would remain so humble. But that was the simplicity of Rahul Dravid.

Rahul is also very popular among the ladies. I just read an article on how a young lady travelled to Bangalore to hand deliver her letter to Rahul. That shows how girls judge you. So it not just looks that matter huh?

As Rahul gets into his second innings in life, here’s a big bow to a wonderful human being, a spectacular player and a legend. Your presence has been a blessing and your sportsmanship will be the Gita, Quran and Bible for many to come. Will miss you!

Sharing some of his pics from the Net

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