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The last blessed Apple!

“Almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important”
Certainly, death spares none. It’s been more than a week since Steve Jobs, the tech czar, logged out of this world. We all knew there was something bothering his health since some time, but little did anybody visualize it would end this way.
Steve, crazy as he was, was in every sense a man sent from up there to teach us how we could change things around and return back humbly. For me and millions alike, he was one who meant genius need not have an expensive education from an elite institute. One would think it needed Dexter ’s brain to perform the feats that he did in his short lifetime, but the fact is he was just like any one of us, another inhabitant of this planet. What’s more interesting to note are the events that unfolded in his life. For starters, he was put for adoption right after his birth; dropped out of college and in the end went on to build the world’s most meanest and successful tech company. Does that give us with any excuse for our failures? Perhaps not.
When Apple first launched the iPod back in 2001, it changed the outlook of the music industry and forced it to adopt new ways in digital sound. One after the other, the company lined its perfectly fashioned products before the world to create an aura like never before.
I always considered Apple to be more than a brand. For me a perfect birthday gift have always been, and continues to be an Apple product, be it an iPod, the iTouch, the Mac, the iPhone or the latest revolution, the iPad. So if you’re reading this, kindly make a note of it.
Finally where does this leave Apple? Frankly, I or you have no idea. From the day Steve left, I started having a different feeling for Apple. Will it be the same techno-bright company that it has always been or will things change? It’s pretty immature to comment at this point in time. But all that we know is we have lost a person who asked us and taught us not to let the noise of other’s opinions drown out our own inner voice. I hope we just keep up to him and pass it on for generations to come. RIP Steve. We’ll miss you!

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