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Chewing the Tablet

The year 2011 is definitely a year of the tablets. I tried my best to stay away from these gizmos but the CES 2011 Show has clearly blown me away. A lot of launches, some exciting new features and add-ons make this segment more than just interesting. Here are some of the best that you would probably like to get your hands on.
Motorola Xoom
Motorola is back with a big, big bang. The mobile giant marked its entry into the tablet war with the launch of Motorola Xoom at the CES 2011. The first with Android 3.0 or the Honeycomb OS, specially designed for tablet PCs, the Xoom comes with a 10.1-inch (25.6-centimeter) widescreen HD display. Amazingly, this tablet has got all you wanted in an ever increasing mobile world. No wonder it won the Best in Show Award. Sadly, no idea about its price and launch in India. But this is the one that you must not miss to check out before buying a tablet.
Apple iPad
When Apple launched the iPad in April 2010, people were seen standing in big queues to buy them, some for over 24 hours. Interestingly, it still manages to have an edge over its rivals with its brand name. No Flash, no usb port, no cameras and its high price makes the iPad not so convincing for the Indian consumers. Seriously, this one is for the Apple lovers. The iPad comes to India around March 2011 and is priced between 35,000-50,000.
Blackberry Playbook
The launch of Blackberry Playbook by the Canadian based company clearly indicates how important and vast this segment is. Initial reviews indicate it to be a perfect multi-tasker though it is still handling it’s battery life issues. Whilst it may fail on the app part, the company already has inquiries from corporate clients for mass usage. Nothing yet about the price and launch in the Indian market.
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung was just another cell phone manufacturer before it came up with its Corby series and struck a chord with consumers worldwide. Likely so, it’s venture into the tablet market should not surprise many with its new found competitiveness. The Galaxy Tab suits almost anyone and is the one that Indian users may look up to. While it might not be an iPad killer, Samsung has really got it kicking. The Galaxy Tab has arrived in India and starts at an affordable Rs.30,490.

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