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The Bucket List

What would you do in case you are given a million dollars? Woooaahhhh!!…that’s too a lot of money. Let me guess some probable answers. Pay off my debt; donate it to charity; start a new business; buy a car and a mansion or perhaps travel the world. You’ll definitely find at least one of these replies from anyone around you. Well, wishes can be common, can’t they? All happy affairs in this world eventually rest on one important point, Money! Or is it just made to look so? Of course not. As they say “There are some things that money can buy, for everything else there’s MasterCard”. As humorous as it sounds, life is a teeter board with tons of happiness and sadness. So it all depends on how we perceive it.

“Find the Joy in your Life”, Morgan Freeman’s golden words from the film “The Bucket List”. It’s not quite often anybody says this to you, and if he does you really don’t have an answer. The movie shows two terminally ill men who escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-do list or the bucket list before they die. Now as crazy it may seem life has a long list of chores, some to and some never to do.

We all have a committed intent while accomplishing a certain line of work and at the end of it all there is only one purpose; Joy. But, it’s not always that we realize this, or maybe I should say do we ever realize this. The year is ending and I got a whole week off, thanks to my generous employer. When I sit back and think what have I done to “Find the Joy”, I find no answer at all. The problem is we have arrested ourselves in our mundane tasks so much that we find spending time on ourselves as an overhead. Strange, but true. Everybody on this planet is different, with amazing abilities, each capable of performing outstanding feats. Yet, there are only a few, a handful of them who really want to find meaning in their life. So what can we do about it? The answer is simple, create a list of to-dos. Give it a try. It may just work for you. And you never know this might be your path to nirvana. Well, most you might not even attempt to do even one out of it, but it’s worth a take.

So this new year, let’s make this one change; add a bucket list to our lives. Life will definitely be blissful again.


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