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I – The Racist

Racist – A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.
This is perhaps the first time I actually checked the meaning of the word that’s so often spoken about. I think it’s become a trend to accuse one other of being a racist and taking pride in not being one, but that’s not the whole truth. Isn’t discrimination also the other side of the same coin? No matter how much we deny, this is for real.
We as human beings are prone to provocation and if that comes in any way we take it no matter how learned we are. For instance, the Australia episode. Indians were attacked all over, and as and when the news was shown on national TV, more attacks were reported. It may be noted that these attacks were not the first of its kind. There have been these kind of things going on all over the world. The US is the biggest example where people belonging to different ethnicity fight over supremacy over a place, car or even a shoe. So what’s different in all of these? Actually nothing is. The only point here is to prove your supremacy. It’s simple and clear.
Now imagine the last time you had a fight with your friend or a neighbor over your language or region. You might be a liberal person but even the slightest incitation can make you upset. I believed that I was the most perfect human being without any kind of racist feeling, until one day I had a fight with my friend over my caste. My ultimate goal here was to protect my part, no matter how much I abused the other, and believe me I was more than happy after I won. All I was trying here was to be over protective and did so by refusing to accept the goodness in the other. It’s all in our mind. It’s what we feel is right and not what actually is. You can insult others just to prove you are correct. So, there we go, we all are some way or the other, a racist.
I have met a lot of people who openly boast about their own culture and tradition or maybe even race. Well, it isn’t wrong to do that though. But isn’t that an act of racism? Let’s take the recent honor killings in North India. What happened there was nothing else but a mere play of hypocrisy inflicted by the elders on the people. No matter how wrong they were, it was always justified.
So what do we have in conclusion? I am a racist and so are you. No matter how much we deny it. It’s a fact. Loving each other as humans is the only answer. Respect each other’s sentiments and walk hand in hand. The least we can do is try and keep the differences between us aside and live as a single community, a community called Mankind.
Note: These are only and only my views and may differ from person to person. I do not mean to hurt anybody’s feelings or sentiments. Thanks.

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