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“Thank you. It was delicious”, said my friend Binu to the fast food seller complimenting him for the pani puris. I was taken aback by this sudden gesture of his as he had hardly thanked me for the wonderful Maggi Noodles I made for him during our hostel days. Beyond doubt, the seller was more than just happy and as a token of goodwill he gave us two sukha puris free.
Wondering what the whole episode was all about, I finally asked him what he just did. To which he replied, “I just made his day”. What? I said. Yes, I made his day, he asserted again. That entire day I was thinking as to what drove my friend to do that. Was he joking or was it for real? Finally, I had to demand an explanation from him. His theory was simple, you make someone happy, they make the others and likewise the chain continues.
I remember my English Teacher Mrs. Ranjani teaching me a chapter named the “Impossible Dream”, in my 10th Class where a guy had a similar experience when his friend said a courteous thanks to a taxi driver who had managed to drive them home through the worst traffic ever without losing his cool. The same had repeated here. The difference, this was for real and I was a part of it.
I recently watched a news channel airing a show of a bunch of boys and girls walking around the streets of Mumbai with a print on their T-shirts which said “Hugs for Free”, and believe me they did get a lot of volunteers. Was it really worth it? Do they actually do it? And all sorts of things started running down my cerebrum which finally said yes, my boy, it actually is. The ultimate aim here is to make people happy and if it was this way then be it.
Since then I have been trying to do the same, trying to imitate my friend’s impossible dream of making the world around me happy. Of course, the entire race would not follow suit else we all would have been living angels on this planet. The point is to do as much good as you can to people around by just making them feel good. So how did my friend affect the hawker’s life? It’s only when something really nice happens to you unexpectedly; something you don’t expect from a stranger had really happened.
The Betari Box; for example is a model that helps us understand the impact of our own attitudes and behaviors on the attitudes and behaviors of the people around us. It also goes on to further explain that behaviors and attitudes can be cyclical in nature. This means that our conduct with others not only affects them but us as well. So, when my friend thanked the fast food seller, he was also pleasantly struck by the gesture of free puris. So, you see, it’s cyclical.
Life throws many challenges and whether we take it or not is completely upon us. So while we are engulfed in this wild fire of putting things in line, we forget the very essence of life; that is living it to the fullest. There is hardly any time to make ourselves happy, forget about others and so when somebody just pulls out a blinder you just mistake it for a prank.
We all might have gone through the same thing at least once in life and might have felt happy the way the stranger treated us. So it’s not something that’s impossible. So why don’t we have a go at it. Just try to make someone happy.

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